Đèn pha cố định loại 12 V

Mã sản phẩm: DP123102

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Đèn pha cố định loại 12 V

Guest® Spotlight - Remote Control ABS Plastic

This 100,000 candlepower quartz halogen sealed beam spotlight from Guest® provides the ultimate combination of sleek, contemporary styling and exceptional performance. The corrosion proof, sealed housing is constructed of white impact-resistant, U.V. stabilised ABS plastic. Direct the powerful beam through 355˚ rotation and 80˚ vertical sweep by using the simple to operate hard wired remote control panel. The panel features a single speed joystick and illuminated on/off switch.

The directional control operates with or without the light on. The spotlight is easy to install with the quick connect fittings provided. All mounting hardware needed for installation is included along with a three metre wiring harness. One year warranty. Current draw is only 4 amps at 12 volts.

For dual station installations:
For dual station installation, use 123336 wiring harness kits MUST be used with the 123104 dual station kit. Purchased separately.

Extension harness kits:
Extension wiring harness kits at 10.6m in length 123112 is available if extended spotlight wiring is required.

123104 Dual station kit – includes A & B
123336 7.5 metre wiring harness
124230 Replacement sealed beam
123116 Control panel (A)
123112 10.6 metre extension to spotlight

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